Compelling visual story telling



I am driven by a very simple philosophy,  make the most beautiful and compelling pictures I can.  I never stop  getting exited when all the pieces come together,  I'm like a kid on Christmas morning

 I'm  always on the hunt for something lasting and authentic,  something slightly above and beyond, maybe even, dare I say it ...  timeless and ineffable.  Beauty, power and grace are key words for me.

I truly enjoy genuine human connections and the creative collaboration involved in making meaningful  pictures;  Images that engage viewers and allows them an opening into the world of the subject.  I want to stimulate curiosity,  raise a few questions

Its been said beauty is truth... I love this

I am  Obsessed with the outdoors and nature

 Mountain biking, climbing, surfing, skiing...  anything that involves playing with the elements. When I was a kid  I  wanted to be a mountain climber ...  not the wisest choice for raising a family

I'm much too busy with work and my two beautiful daughters anyway

What a gift









A Little Story

After finishing art school, I landed my first photo assisting  job in San Francisco,  things were somewhat slow to start but then  began to really take off.  I eventually found my self traveling the country and the globe working as an assistant then lighting specialist with some of the genuine photographic legends of our time

 This work involved many genres of photography and cinematography;  advertising and automotive;  celebrity portraiture and fashion  as well National Geographic and exotic animals

 I could not have hoped for better training, I had some incredible experiences and the opportunity to meet and work with some truly amazing people ...

A few stories that come to mind.
 The half a day spent in a cramped studio with Frank Sinatra, watching his mood shift from reluctant and gruff to something almost amenable;  Praying to keep my breakfast down while setting up for landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier in ridiculously violent turbulence;  Holding the brain ( yes, BRAIN ) of a Minnesota nun....  In my hands! ;  Crouching, in very subservient way, so close to a 400lb tiger that I could feel the humidity of its warm, meat perfumed breath on the side of my face.

I can’t begin to say how all of this molded me;  what I’ve learned about creative collaboration and problem solving; working with a diverse range of people; making and producing great imagery;  humility and gratitude ...

about LIFE!



Its a big broad world….     As a photographer I'd like to do my tiny part to help bring it closer together

john.lichtwardt.onthe job

Selected Client list


GM Master Card

UCLA Medical Center

Coca Cola

Marlboro Adventure

Frito Lay

Hind Sportswear

Bauer Pottery


Macy's Department Stores

Nordic Designs


Stolpman Vineyards



John is also a returning guest lecturer on the subject of photography and lighting at

Art Center College of Design                    Pasadena Ca.

Alberta College of Art and Design            Calgary Canada

Los Angeles Center for Photography        Los Angeles Ca.